Privacy Policy

Service Name

Bank4Hope online donation service (the “Service”)

Registry information / Bank4Hope administrator

BANK4HOPE / Aspectus Ltd.
Energiakuja 3
00180 Helsinki, Finland

Registry name 

Bank4Hope donor registry (the “Registry”)

Collection of information

In addition to standard tracking data, the only other personal information our site collects about you is such data as you knowingly provide in online-form when creating a profile and opening an account. Aspectus Ltd is the sole owner of any information collected on this site.

Use of information

The personal information collected through the Service is used in managing donor relations and in direct marketing related to donating as well as research and development of the Service. Aspectus Ltd will not sell, share or rent personal information to others in ways, which are different from what is disclosed in this privacy policy. The donor is at any time entitled to deny the use of personal information for direct marketing.

Information security

Bank4Hope donation service is protected by the SSL security protocol. The donor must be aware that even though Bank4Hope administrator ensures the system is secure, the donor could still be susceptible to network attacks in much the same way as with other online services. The donor is required to take the best possible care of their personal donation account username and password. Bank4Hope administrator is not responsible for the security of donors own computer, LAN or other similar devices or systems or any problems caused by them.

Registry data contents 

The Registry consists of information provided electronically and includes the following information: name, contact information, donation information, direct marketing rights and other information provided by the donor. Bank4Hope administrator does not collect or store the donor’s debit or credit card information. 

Data protection principles

Personal information is protected by SSL technology. The server is protected by password, and is located in a secure place.  

Rules for the disclosure of information 

Information is electronically transferred to the charitable organizations, whose projects the donor has chosen to donate to. Bank4Hope administrator saves the original copy of the Registry. Aspectus Ltd is also entitled to transfer data to subcontractors of the Service when necessary for the functioning or research and development of the Service. 

Transfer of data to outside the EU or the EEA

Data can be transferred to outside these areas.

Entitlement to verify registry information 

Everyone has the right to check their personal information stored in the Registry.  

Correction of inaccurate data

Donor has the right to demand the correction of any errors in their personal information. If the donor wants to correct or update any information his/her/its personal information in the Service, the donor is requested to send email to the following email address: We will forward the request to charitable organization. Aspectus Ltd neither guarantees that the charitable organization follows the demand of correction made by the Donor nor is liable for any harm, loss or damage caused to the Donor because of charitable organization’s neglection to correct personal information.

Use of Cookies

Cookies can be imported to the donor’s computer. Through the use of cookies Aspectus Ltd makes it possible for donors to log into the Service and will know when the donor has logged in. In addition, the cookies record how the Service is used as well as the IP address of the donor’s computer. The purpose of the cookies is also to analyze how to develop the Service to make it better. 

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